Currywurst in Berlin


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No matter how much of a food snob you are or aspire to be, currywurst is a must-try whilst in Berlin.  A fried German pork sausage sliced and topped with seasoning and curry ketchup, it may not sound particularly inviting and gourmet.  But, let’s face it, street food rarely does and despite any well deserved reservations you may have, in true streetfood style, the currywurst pulls through and makes a delicious and comforting quick meal to have whilst on the run.

Run a Google search and you will quickly come to the conclusion that Curry 36 is the most popular currywurst destination.  No matter when you go, the long line will faze out any hesitations you may have had about its quality.  However, if like me, queues put you off instead of reassuring you that you’re in for a treat, you’ll walk on by in search of somewhere a little more secret.  And be honest here, there must be some sort of limit on how good a sausage covered in curry ketchup can really be, so why would you want to wait?

I sampled several currywursts; some from men with hotplates strung around their necks, some from reasonably busy places in close to proximaty to major tourist attractions and some from more obscure places.  My favourite was from a place near the East Side Gallery.  If you cross the bridge to the other side of the river from the wall.  It soon becomes obvious that this is more of a trendy local area than a touristy area and so I figured that it would have good potential in the street food department.  I asked a local and he recommended Curry 7 for the best currywurst in Berlin.  It was so local in fact, that when I went to look it up on the web, there was no English translation on the site- a sure sign that you’re in good hands.


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