Johan & Nyström Concept Store

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Tucked away in the trendy streets of Stockholm’s Sodermalm, lies the Johan and Nyström concept store.  For any coffee enthusiast, this is must see destination in Sweden’s capital city.  The group has been slow roasting coffee beans by hand since 1956, guaranteeing you optimal flavour.

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They do a huge range of both coffee and tea and even offer courses in brewing.  You can buy their coffee all over Sweden, but the concept store is a special experience.  Anyone who’s ever heard of an Aeropress  will be impressed to learn that the concept store actually has an Aeropress bar containing three presses which will give you a rich coffee with little bitterness if that is the brewing method you so choose. There are also other brewing methods, such as syphon and pour over, that you may select for your cup of coffee, and specific blends selected to suit each method.

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Make it in at around 3pm and you can join the daily themed cupping where you can try different flavours, ask about the brewing methods and milling grades.  Visit on a Sunday and they put the espresso machine to rest and offer only black coffee.  It is evident that these guys try to focus on delivering an experience in coffee culture rather just a small cup of steamy black liquid.  And the coffee is perfect, rendering both milk and sugar completely unnecessary- it will only mask the flavour.  I don’t remember the name of the blends that I tried, but one in particular that I liked had subtle hints of cardamon and fruit.

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Whilst coffee isn’t something that you expect to go to Stockholm specifically for, this place is truly unique and an experience that you won’t want to miss whilst you’re there.  So far I haven’t found anywhere online that you can get their blends sent to Australia.


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