Drinking in Amsterdam

Given the reputation of Amsterdam as a haven for lovers of soft-drugs, it will be no surprise that it also has a lot to offer the alcohol enthusiast.  The first destination on the list: the Heineken Experience.  Built in 1867, the factory was the original brewery for the Dutch Pilsner until 1988 when it was replaced and became a museum.  As expected, it’s pretty cheesy, but very interactive and definitely a lot of fun with lots of photo opportunities and free drinks around every corner.  Even if you’re not a beer fan, this is still a great attraction; it kept me interested for a lot longer than expected and is quite reasonably priced.

If you’re not so much a fan of the beer, the Bols museum is not far away.  Brought to you by Netherland’s biggest brand in spirits and liqueur,  prepare to be taken on a journey through the creation of cocktails and all smells and tastes that go with it.  As a self-taken tour, it takes just under one hour but you get a cocktail and two liqueurs of your choosing along the way so it’s well worth the money.  You also get to learn the story of jenever; the Dutch version of gin.

If you’re looking to go out drinking at night, Trouw is a great place.  As a converted newspaper HQ, regular DJs include Caribou and !!!.  But if you’re looking for something a little more low key, head to the Nomad’s restaurant in the Jordaan area, or try Vyne if you’re a winer lover.  I also found Door 74, in Rembrantplein, really good for cocktails.  But there’s no shortage of decent places to drink.


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